Unexpected Blessing

Have you ever had someone surprise you with a blessing you weren’t expecting?  You know, those times when you were totally surprised by a gift in the mail, a friend calling you just to tell you how much you’re loved, or even that time when the anonymous person paid your bill at the restaurant (I’ve had that happen several times). 

It was more than just the surprise that made us happy, it was the thought that we did nothing to earn it or ask for it.  It was completely unexpected and came for no apparent reason over the walls of our daily life to bless us.  Sure, that doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, it makes us feel special.

This weekend, I had one of those experiences.  I can’t say how exactly it came to me, but I can say it was as though God was speaking right to me to tell me that He loved me, was proud of me, and has taken joy in my faith.  Needless to say, I cried (yes, I had to go looking to find my Man Card afterward too).

Over the past year or so, I’ve been dealing with feelings of spiritual failure; as though I haven’t done what I felt long ago I was supposed to do and now it’s getting to be too late in life.  In some ways, I’ve felt like those dreams and hopes were maybe even just a fantasy in the mind of my youth.  On top of that, other family changes and health issues with loved ones have been heavy on my heart in ways that have made me feel inadequate.   Yet, despite it all, I know God is good, He’s able and will fulfill His promises in my life.

He definitely has a way of reaching us when He knows we’re feeling the way I have been.  He’s never late and He’s never early; His timing is impeccable.  Those blessings that come flooding over the walls of our lives are nothing less than heaven sent.  They are His way of reminding us just how very much He loves us.  His grace is so deep that it flows over even the tallest walls we can build.  His love flows and washes away the feelings of failure to give us a fresh new sense of purpose. 

Tonight, I just wanted to share with you the small blessing I had this weekend in my life to say that He wants to do the same for you.  He’s looking out for just the right time to send the flood of His blessing over the walls of your heart to wash away the fears, doubts, pains, and emptiness you may be feeling too.  He’s just looking for that perfect moment to spring it on you.  I know it’s coming, and it will happen when you least expect it because that’s just the way God does things…

You’re loved tonight, my friend,