Just like children, our dogs all have different personalities.  Even the ones from the same bread.  We have two Yorkies and they couldn’t be any more different from each other.  Daisy is the loving, dominant, and loyal one who follows you into every room just to be sure she’s with you.  Then, there’s Rocky…

Rocky is our oldest dog named after the movie for being small but tough (so we thought).  He’s nearly twelve years old now and starting to show his age.  He lost most of his teeth over the past year, may be losing his hearing, is starting to get cataracts, and walks a little slower in the morning (sounds human doesn’t it?).   Unlike Daisy, he’s the independent one who likes his own place on the couch and likes his ears scratched only when he feels like it.   He’s also a little bit of a whiner; mainly when he’s not getting something he wants or the spot he claimed on the couch is being occupied. 

What I’ve come to realize about these three dogs of ours with their different personalities, is that they are each teaching me something about life.  Daisy is the easy one with her loyalty, strength, and love.  Rocky, well, he’s the one who teaches me patience and to cope with those aging around me. 

One of those patience teaching quirks he has is to sit and wait for the other two dogs to finish eating before he does.  Then, if his dish isn’t sitting in just the right spot, he will look at me then back at the dish than back at me and so on.  Over and over.  Commanding him to eat, rewarding him, and even praising him won’t work.  As long as I’m in the room and not looking at him, he will gradually decide it’s ‘time’ for him to eat and mow his food down.  If money wasn’t an object, I would seriously consider taking him to a dog therapist (if there is such a thing). 

For all his little quirks, though, Rocky is still the grandad of our three dogs and worthy of respect.  We hope he’s with us as long as God will allow.  In the meantime, I’ll keep learning about patience from this little friend of my mine…

Love always

Ms. Daisy

I never really considered myself as a ‘Dog person’, but over the past eighteen years of marriage to the Mrs. who helped bring dogs into my life, they have grown on me.  When I was little we had several dogs I’d loved but, over time, they either ran away or passed away.  Cats became the staple of our home and remained a part of my life for another twenty years after leaving home.

Today, we have three wonderful friends we share our home with; Rocky (a micro Yorkie and the oldest), Watson (a micro Schnauzer all white and a ball of love), and Daisy (the middle-aged girl and another micro Yorkie).  Tonight, I wanted to share a little bit about Daisy.

Too often in our American culture we tend to assign human attributes to our animals.  We talk to them like our kids (I’m guilty of this as well), we feed them food we shouldn’t, and even take them on planes with us.  The Mrs. and I are not as ‘extreme’ as some may be that way, but we do get them the custom sweaters to wear. There’s no plane trips, doggie carriage rides, or doggie harnesses to carry them around in, though.  We believe they are dogs and they should enjoy being dogs.

Still, even though they are dogs, they remind me of some of the best character traits humans can emulate. Traits like unconditional love, faithfulness, self-sacrifice, joy, loyalty, strength, fearlessness, and even compassion.  I know there are some out there who believe all a dog wants is food and attention, but having them in our lives for so long, I would say they truly do feel emotions.  Most of all, they know, feel, and show love.

Daisy is no different.  She is loyal, protective, strong, loving, sweet, determined, and sticks by me no matter how grumpy I may be that day.  She loves food a little too much, but we keep an eye on that too.  She’s the leader of the three dogs and faithfully sits by my side every night on the couch.  That’s her spot and that’s the way it’s going to be.

From the time she was a puppy, I bonded with Daisy.  She sensed it and bonded with me too.  She loves the Mrs., but she is definitely a daddy’s girl.  Many times, she has been there to help comfort my heart in times of sadness and there when I just needed a little attention.

Tonight, here’s to you Ms. Daisy.  We love you and I am so glad you are in our lives.  You bring joy and security to our home.  The love you feel as a little animal is something to admire and learn from.  We just hope we can be as loving to you as you are to us…

Love always…